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Could it be there’s no such thing as the paranormal ... only infinite varieties of normal we’ve yet to understand?

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A revolutionary exploration of consciousness in personal and planetary healing and transformation.

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Expressionistic works on paper, panel and canvas to please the eye, uplift the spirit, and inspire the imagination.

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cultbookcoverFollowing in the footsteps of the great American philosopher and iconoclast Henry David Thoreau, award-winning and international bestselling author Sol Luckman levels a scintillating and sweeping social critique in this masterful examination of our contemporary culture characterized by cults and cultishness at all levels. Theorizing the existence of a World Cult divided into endless sub-cults all ultimately controlled by a spiritual adversary and designed to control humanity in turn, Luckman brilliantly blends together simulation theory, lucid dreaming, Gnosticism, shamanism and philosophical skepticism to paint a sobering yet empowering (for the open-minded) picture of today’s consciousness landscape. Available exclusively on Substack!

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